Head Coach & Founder

Terrence Mahon

Co-Founder of Golden Coast Track Club, Terrence Mahon is an expert coach for both male and female endurance runners. He has coached athletes to national titles/records and Olympic/World finals from 800-meters up to the marathon.

Our Team

Terrence's History


Head Coach and Founder, Golden Coast Track Club — 2017-PRESENT

Adidas Endurance Coach and Brand Ambassador — 2013-PRESENT

High Performance Coach, Boston Athletic Association — 2013-2017

Lead Endurance Coach, British Athletics Federation — 2012-2013

Head Coach and President, Mammoth Track Club — 2005-2012


Balouris, Elaina: 2017/2019 World Cross Country Team Member

Bauhs, Scott: 2011 World Champs Qualifier 10,000m

Butchart, Andrew: 2016 Olympic Finalist 5000m, 2017 Worlds Finalist 5000m

Craig, Alistair: 2011 Worlds Finalist 5,000m, 2012 Olympics 5000m

Dobson, Ian: 2008 Olympian 5000m

Hall, Ryan: 2008 Olympics 10th place Marathon, American Record Holder

Hastings, Amy: 2011 Worlds Finalist 5000m, 2012 Olympics 11th place 10,000m

Hiltz, Nikki: 2019 Worlds Finalist 1500m, 2019 Pan Am Games Champion

Kastor, Deena: 2008 Olympian Marathon (2004 Bronze medalist), American Record Holder

O’Hare, Chris: 2013/2015/2017 Worlds 1500m, 2016 Olympics 1500m, European Medalist

Pagano, Sarah 2017/2019 World Cross Country Team Member

Pierce, Anna: 2009 Worlds Finalist 1500m, 2010 Worlds Indoor Finalist 800m

Rhines, Jen: 2000/2004/2008 Olympian - Finalist 5,000m & 10,000m, Marathon

Samuels, Sonia: 2013/2017 Worlds Marathon, 2016 Olympics Marathon

Sharp, Lynsey: 2015/2017 Worlds 800m, 2012, 2016 Olympic Finalist 800m, European Champion

Uceny, Morgan: 2011 Worlds Finalist 1500m, 2012 Olympic Finalist 1500m


Villanova University, Villanova PA — BA English & Philosophy, 1993