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Meet our Leadership

  • Terrence Mahon

    Head Coach & Founder

    Co-Founder of Golden Coast Track Club, Terrence Mahon is an expert coach for both male and female endurance runners. He has coached athletes to national titles/records and Olympic/World finals from 800-meters up to the marathon.

  • Jen Rhines

    Wellness Coach & Founder

    3-time Olympian & Adidas Endurance Coach and Brand Ambassador

Our Vision

Founded by Terrence Mahon and Jennifer Rhines, and spurred on by our team of professional runners, Golden Coast Track Club is about teaching athletes the fundamentals of sport and life. As the name suggests we are located on the California Coast in San Diego, but no one is limited from joining our athletic community.

GCTC offers online running plans, health & wellness guides, and strength programs so people all over the world have the opportunity to get involved. These programs range from fundamental to highly individualized, with access to information provided by world class coaches and athletes.

We believe the path to success is found through a holistic approach to training and a strong sense of community. This culture is what fuels GCTC, and helps our runners to stay committed to their athletic endeavors. By joining our team you are taking the first step in breaking down barriers and achieving your goals.

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